Automatic Door Solutions


24/7 electronically dispatched field technicians, factory trained and American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers Certified (AAADM).

Servicing facilities

Providing for more than 42 service markets across the United States

Servicing facilities

Providing for more than 42 service markets across the United States

Customized maintenance programs, proven to reduce call-backs and downtimes

World-class corporate support functions combined with our state-of-the-art technician training enables our technicians to get the job done right, quickly and safely.

Service, maintenance, repair and upgrades for existing commercial automatic door systems covering a full scope of door makes and models for applications that include retail, healthcare, hospitality, aviation, education and government facilities.

Entrance solutions that ensure continuous, smoothly functioning doors resulting in improved people flow and safety, preservation of indoor climate control while maintaining facility security and access.

New installation offerings of a full range of high-quality automatic pedestrian doors combining ease of use and accessibility with the latest technologies for dependable operation and reasonable cost of ownership.

Presenting a valuable combined offering


Elevators, Moving Walkways, Escalators, Cart Conveyors, Automatic Doors

Oracle Elevator is the largest independent provider of maintenance, modernization and repair services for all brands of elevator, escalator, moving walks, cart conveyors and entrance systems. Servicing numerous markets nationwide, they are the leading choice among businesses, both large and small. Oracle Elevator has built a reputation of exceptional customer service, accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Together with Oracle Entrance, we present a valuable differentiation from other service providers by offering an all-in-one solution to our customers. 

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